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lol I can't believe how often I update this. XD As if anyone is even reading it.


Still working diligently on the comic as always. I've been having to badger Brady lately for storyboard though. >.< Right now thought I'm having her work on storyboard for the special 20+ page preview that we'll be selling at Megacon 07'. It'll be taking place a few chapters from where we are at now. Reap's a Teen! And we'll meet his lover for the first time, and it'll be the first apperance of Mary... in the past... yeah. XD So it should be good.

Today I just went and bought a white wig plus a body suit as I'll be dressing up as Reap as a teenager for the three days at Megacon... or maybe just two of the days... Friday and Sat... or Sat and Sun, I dunno. But if you go, and you see someone walking around with a white wig, large light blue faerie wings, gray pants, and a taped chest than that'll be Ahro in disguise as Reap. XD I love how every convention I've gone to or Halloween or whatever that you get to dress up as a character or whatever, I've been a cross-player. Never ends, and I find it hilarious. I've wanted to cosplay as Lady Kayura from Ronin Warriors for the longest time but I lack the funds for her outfit. ^_- Eventually.

But that's the update on what's going on in FT. If you check out my LJ you can find out what I'm doing that isn't Comic related so you can see what I've been caught up with. At the moment, it's Okami. XD

Till next time. ^_-

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I would like to appologize for the lack in updates for the past two weeks. I fell into a rut and really wasn't feeling at all creative. I just didn't want to draw and felt like drawing other things besides FT related stuff.... but I DID do the "real" first yaoi pic for the comic.

Notes on that image, I recently was reminded that Reap is actually albino. Oops. So his skin was really difficult to shade in the image you'll see on the main page. XD

I should have the next page up within a few days. It's just got a bit more inking to be done on it, followed by the toneing. I'm stuck working 6 days next week so I'm not going to be a very happy creative person. >< My appologies once again. Thank you for sticking with us. ^_^

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Status: Pg 67; pencil done

Page 67 is nearing it's final pencil stages. I just have to finish up the bottom part of the image, than ink it, and I hope to have it posted by Monday. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and actually post more than once a week. Upsets my brain tubules when I fall behind and I can barely pump out one page a week. I'm hoping if we have more updates each week, it'll mean more flow through the site.

And I'm thinking about doing that tutorial thing. Maybe that'll harbor more interest in visiting the website for people. That'd be nice. And I know, speaking from experience, there really aren't any good online tutorials, full of pictures, to help an aspiring manga-ka along when it comes down to figuring out how to panel etc. ^_^ Should be promising.
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About Us

If you just happened across us through LJ somewhere and are like "WTF" as to what we are here's just a short post on... who/what we are. XD

Faerie Tales is an online webcomic that's been around for a little over a year now. The story is told from the main characters point of view. He's basically telling the story of his life, from birth to the point where he's typing his story up for his human whom he is a familiar for. It starts off with him talking about his story, and than morphing into the point of view from the characters at that time. For instance, from the point he arrives at the Brothel (where his mother sold him too only about an hour after he was out of the womb) you hear from the characters during that time.

He is bought by a mercenary group and travels with them till they reach the Paige world during one clients orders. In the comic, we're just introducing each of the mercenaries.

There is plenty of humor, battle, and love to please any fangirl. ^_^ And we can't forget the bishis. :D Ahro loves the bish. ^_- So there is plenty of them involved. XD (I just ended after each sentence there with an emote.... wow. -__-;)

But yeah. So make sure you go and check out the website if you're not visiting from the website already. XD
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